Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Deadly Devotion by Sandra Orchard

Deadly Devotion by Sandra Orchard was a hard book for me to get into. It seemed like the first few chapters just kept repeating themselves over and over. "She wouldn't kill herself" seems to be the theme here, and it was repeated often. It was hard to get to know the characters for me. I'm sure not everyone feels this way, and it may just not be the right time for me to connect with this book.

From the back cover:
Research scientist Kate Adams and Daisy Leacock were on the brink of a breakthrough for treating depression with herbal medicine when Daisy was suddenly found dead. Kate knows that her mentor's death wasn't suicide or a careless accident-and she's determined to do whatever it takes to unearth the truth about what happened to the woman who changed her life.

Former FBI agent Tom Parker is finding it hard to adjust to life back in his hometown of Port Aster. Though an old buddy gave him a job as a detective on the local police force, not everyone approves. Tom's just trying to keep a low profile, so when Kate Adams demands he reopen the investigation into her friend's death, he knows his job is at stake. But despite his attraction to her, Tom thinks Kate may  have something to hide.

As evidence mounts, a web of intrigue is woven around the sleepy town of Port Aster. Can Kate uncover the truth? Or will Tom stand in her way?

This book was provided for review by Revell.

A Simple Song by Melody Carlson

A Simple Song by Melody Carlson is not your average Amish fiction. This is a novel for young adults, and it is refreshingly different, though what we've come to expect from Melody Carlson.

Dive into the Amish world of Katrina Yoder, a songbird from birth whose gift is squelched by those around her, telling her that it's vain for her to sing. Katrina can't understand the thought process of that line of reasoning, though she does remain in submission to her elders.

Along comes American Star, an American Idol type show, that will mean the difference between thriving in her Amish community and saving her family farm and being without a place to call home. If only she can get her family to agree to it.

A delightful book that I can't wait to share with my favorite teen reader.

Thanks, Melody, for another clean read. 
Available June 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

This book was provided for review by Revell.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Slow Moon Rising by Eva Marie Everson

Slow Moon Rising by Eva Marie Everson is the third and final book in the Cedar Keys series. This time around there are five stories to follow and a lot of truths to be revealed. 
It was nice to connect with these characters and sad to see the series end. Eva Marie Everson always writes a book that brings me to tears and this one was no different.
I enjoyed this one just as much as the ones preceding it.

From the back cover:
The beautiful Claybourne home on Cedar Key has long been a place of rest, healing, and release. Each member of the family has turned there in times of confusion, loss, and hurt, on to feel their spirits renewed and their hearts restored.
But Cedar Key might also be the birthplace of a lie that is poisoning the family from within.
Join the five Claybourne women-Anies, Kimberly, Jayme-Leigh, Heather, and Ami-as they search the past and confront the truth. Their unique paths will lead them through heartbreak, misunderstandings, and pain. But their journeys will also bring reconciliation with each other and the precious renewal of love in their own lives.

This book was provided for review by Revell.

Angels by My Side by Betty Malz

Angels by My Side by Betty Malz was previously published in 1986 by April Upchurch as Angels Watching Over Me... (wonder where she got that title from?) I was unaware of this until I received the book. Though the book is full of incredible stories of angels and how God uses them in the lives of His children, the stories are decades old, many going back to the depression era and earlier. It would have been nice to have some more recent stories included in this book.
The stories included are so completely amazing that most of them brought tears to my eyes and caused me to think about several times in my own life where things couldn't be explained other than there was help from an angel. 
I truly believe that God still has His angels doing work here on earth. 

This book was easy to read and was also full of good teaching, reminding the reader that angels are created beings. Once an angel, always an angel. Once a person, always a person. There is no transferring from one species to another.

This book was provided for review by Chosen Books.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stealing the Preacher by Karen Witemeyer

Stealing the Preacher is Karen Witemeyer's latest release. The cover on the right is the final cover, though the alternate is cute too. I love the pink dress that main character Joanna Robbins is wearing. 

This book was hard for me to get into at first. I think it was me though and not the story. Once I had time to sit down and do nothing but read, I fell right into it and giggled at the antics of Joanna and Crockett.

I loved the subtle and innocent flirtations between the two as they started falling for each other. So sweet.

From the back cover:
On his way to interview for a position at a church in the Piney Woods of Texas, Crockett Archer can't believe it when he's forced off the train by an outlaw and presented to the man's daughter as the preacher she requested for her birthday. He's determined to escape-which would be much easier if he could stop thinking about Joanna Robbins and her unexpected request.
For months, Joanna had prayed for a minister. A man to breathe life back into the abandoned church at the heart of her community. A man to assist her in fulfilling her promise to her dying mother. But just when it seems her prayers have been answered, it turns out the parson is there against his will and has dreams of his own calling him somewhere else.

Is there any way she can convince Crockett he ended up right where he was supposed to be?

With her signature blend of humor, history, and lively western romance, two-time RITA Award finalist and bestselling author Karen Witemeyer delivers a Texas love story sure to steal your heart.

This book was provided for review by Litfuse.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Barefoot Summer by Denise Hunter

Denise Hunter is back with another summer-perfect read. Take some time to kick back and relax with Barefoot Summer and fall in love with romance all over again.

Barefoot Summer is the story of Madison and Beckett. Both have secrets, and both have been secretly harboring feelings for each other since high school. A twist of fate brings them together when Madison needs to train for an upcoming boat race. Beckett agrees to not only train her, but to teach her to swim as well. Madison has had a fear of water since her twin brother died.

When these two slowly start to trust each other the secrets from the past begin to unravel. 

Read and watch what happens.

Denise Hunter is a master at romance and this book has the sweetest kiss ever in print. I swear I swooned and happy-sighed all at once. 

You'll be glad you picked this one up. Savor it for the delightful read that it is.

This book was provided for review by LitFuse. 

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

That Certain Summer by Irene Hannon

That Certain Summer by Irene Hannon is a departure from the intense suspense that she normally writes, and a welcome one at that. I enjoyed the family dynamics of sisters Karen and Val, and the dealings with their overbearing mother. It was interesting to find out what made their mother act the way that she did, I was hoping that it would come out in the story and was thrilled when it did.
This was an enjoyable book to read, and it was a clean read.

From the back cover:
Two very different sisters...
an unexpected homecoming...
one unforgettable summer

Karen and Val are family--yet they're anything but close. Karen has carried the burden of responsibility for her aging mother ever since her sister left town years ago to pursue a career in theater. But Val had other reasons for moving away--as well as a secret to keep--and coming home has never been an option...until their mother suffers a stroke.
Reunited in their hometown, Karen and Val must grapple with past mistakes as they care for their ailing mother. When two handsome men enter the picture, the summer takes on a surprising new dimension. As their lives intersect, can each of them learn how to forgive, let go, and move on? And strengthened by the healing power of faith, might they also find the courage to love?
With her trademark compelling characters and heartwarming hope, award-winning author Irene Hannon pens and inspiring true-to-life tale of complex relationships, the search for forgiveness, and the life-changing process of finding love.

This book was provided for review by Revell.     

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Catch A Falling Star by Beth K. Vogt

Catch a Falling Star by Beth K. Vogt was a delight to read. Almost as good as her debut novel, Wish You Were Here. This book keeps us in Colorado where we meet young doctor Kendall Haynes. She's self-sufficient, yet the last of her friends to remain single. It's not that she wants to be, she just hasn't met the right man. Enter two single men, both with their own ideas of the ideal woman, both with secrets, and both with an agenda. 

This book was warm and sweet. The characters invited me into their world where I got the chance to get to know them, and I truly enjoyed that opportunity. Once in a while a book comes to life, and this one did. 

From the back cover:
Dr. Kendall Haynes's plans to have it all-a career, a husband, a family-are eluding her. Now that she's thirty-six, she needs to stop wishing on a star and face reality: Some dreams just never come true.
Air Force pilot Griffin Walker prefers flying solo in the air and on the ground-until a dangerous choice ejects him from the cockpit. His life becomes even more complicated after the sudden death of his parents makes him the guardian of his sixteen-year-old brother. There's no way his life will ever get back on course now.
When their lives collide during a near tragedy, Kendall and Griffin must decide if they can embrace the unexpected changes God has waiting for them.

About the author:
Beth K Vogt is a nonfiction author who said she'd never write fiction. She also said she'd never marry a doctor or anyone on the military, and is now happily married to a former Air Force family physician. Beth believes God's best is often behind the door marked, "Never."