Friday, December 7, 2018

Dead Sea Rising by Jerry B Jenkins

Dead Sea Rising by Jerry B Jenkins is the kind of book I dream about reading. Fast-paced action begins on the very first page. Jenkins switches back and forth between two timelines, Old Testament era and today, and then adds a third for part of the book. These timelines will weave together at some point, but not in this volume, which ends as a cliffhanger with the dreaded words, "Part two coming soon..."
The characters came alive for me as I read this book. The chapters were short which allowed me to read through quicker (I'm not sure how that works exactly). I'd anticipated not being able to finish this before my deadline, but it was very hard to put this one down. Looking forward to the rest of the story (stories). 

About the book:

Nicole Berman is an archaeologist on the brink of a world-changing discovery. During her first dig in Jordan, she believes she has found concrete evidence of a biblical patriarch that could change history books forever. But someone doesn't want the truth revealed. While urgently trying to connect pieces of an ancient puzzle, a dangerous enemy is out to stop her.

This book provided for review by Worthy Publishing

Thursday, November 29, 2018

2018 Reading List


1. Oath of Honor by Lynette Eason 
2. The Man He Never Was by James Rubart
3. The View from Rainshadow Bay by Colleen Coble
4. The Air I Breathe by Louie Giglio
5. All Things Bright and Strange by James Markert
6. The Wrecking by Christy Barritt (Kindle)
7. Hidden Currents by Christy Barritt (Kindle)


8. Why I Hate Green Beans by Lincee Ray
9. The Masterpiece by Francine Rivers
10. Flood Watch by Christy Barritt (Kindle)
11. Shadows of Hope by Georgiana Daniels 
12. Fatherless by Dr James Dobson & Kurt Bruner


13. Beneath the Surface by Lynn H. Blackburn 
14. Where the Fire Falls by Karen Barnett
15. If I Live by Terri Blackstock (Kindle)
16. Plain Threats by Alison Stone 
17. Murder in the Locked Library by Ellery Adams
18. Desperate Escape by Lisa Harris


19. Pelican Point by Irene Hannon
20. No Less Days by Amanda G. Stevens
21. Dangerous Waters by Christy Barrett (Kindle)
22. Royals by Rachel Hawkins 
23. Begin Again by Leeana Tankersley
24. A Dark History: Hollywood by Kieron Connolly
25. Things I Never Told You by Beth K. Vogt


26. the theory of happily ever after by Kristin Billerbeck
27. Adamant by Lisa Bevere
28. The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson
29. The Solace of Water by Elizabeth Byler Younts 
30. Just Let Go by Courtney Walsh


31. The Love Letter by Rachel Hauck
32. Introvert Doodles by Maureen “Marzi” Wilson
33. Justice Betrayed by Patricia Bradley 
34. Send Down the Rain by Charles

35. Becoming the Talbot Sisters by Rachel Linden
36. Where Hope Begins by Catherine West
37. Good Night, I Love You by Jene Ray Barranco


38. The Fashion Designer by Nancy Moser
39. Cottage by the Sea by Debbie Macomber
40. More than Meets the Eye by Karen Whitemeyer 
41. The Hope Jar by Wanda E. Brunstetter
42. Okayest Mom by Natalie Gwyn


43. Clean Sweep by Christy Barritt (Kindle)
44. Called to Protect by Lynette Eason
45. A Rumored Fortune by Joanna Davidson Politano
46. Freedom's Light by Colleen Coble
47. Fugitive at Large by Sandra Robbins
48. Indivisible by Travis Thrasher


49. Tell Her No Lies by Kelly Irvin
50. Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer (reread)
51. Defiant Joy by Stasi Eldredge 

52. Storm Surge by Christy Barritt (Kindle)
53. Perilous Riptide by Christy Bartitt (Kindle)
54. Deadly Undertow by Christy Barritt (Kindle)
55. When I Spoke in Tongues by Jessica Wilbanks (do not recommend)


56. Stratagem by Robin Caroll
57. Lethal Target by Janice Cantore
58. Lady of a Thousand Treasures by Sandra Byrd
59. Shadow of Suspicion by Christy Barritt 
60. Simple Joys by Candace Payne
61. Childless by Dr James Dobson & Kurt Bruner


62. Godless by Dr James Dobson & Kurt Bruner
63. Legacy of Mercy by Lynn Austin 
64. Who I Am With You by Robin Lee Hatcher
65. Royally in Trouble by Jenny B Jones (Kindle)
66. With This Pledge by Tamera Alexander


67. The Whispered Word by Ellery Adams
68. Dead Sea Rising by Jerry B Jenkins

Friday, October 19, 2018

Lady of a Thousand Treasures by Sandra Byrd

Lady of a Thousand Treasures by Sandra Byrd is one of the best books I've read in a long time. It's over 430 pages and I loved every one of them. I was immediately drawn into the story and never once felt like it was lagging or taking too long. Stellar writing and a story-line that was not only entertaining, but educating. I'm a fan of old things and attend a lot of auctions, seeing the collectibles from an expert opinion was enlightening. 

Eleanor Sheffield is an expert in antiquities and can tell the real thing from the replica. This novel follows her as she tries to keep the family appraisal business afloat, and tries to discern whether her love interest is a man who can be trusted. 

I've not felt such satisfaction at the end of a book like I did with this one in months. Delightful!

This book provided for review by Tyndale. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Porcupine's Pie by Laura Renauld

 Porcupine's Pie is the sweetest story for kids this year. Its all about the kind heart of Porcupine who wants nothing more than to make her famous cranberry pie. Along the way she meets friends who want to bake their specialties but they are missing ingredients. Porcupine shares with all and then gets a big surprise when she faces a baking crisis of her own. Perfect for family reading, bedtime reading, or even classroom reading. There's even a recipe included in the back for a special pie. The pictures are charming and this is just an all around sweet book. 

This book provided for review by PR By the Book

Lethal Target by Janice Cantore

Lethal Target, by Janice Cantore, is the second installment in the Line of Duty series. This series is published by Tyndale and I received a copy of the book in exchange for a review. 
Lethal Target started off very slowly and took me about one-hundred pages until I felt fully involved in the story, before that I could have put it down and not bothered with it again. Once I got to this point I was interested and had a hard time putting it down. There was a lot of on the nose writing and I felt it slowed the story. 
It was good to catch up with Police Chief Tess O'Rourke again and I look forward to more of her adventures. 

Monday, October 1, 2018

Making God Smile by Kim Taylor Henry

 Making God Smile, by Kim Taylor Henry, is a one-year devotional aimed at helping the reader live the fruit of the spirit, one day at a time. It's not dated so the reader can begin at anytime during the year. Filled with personal and relate-able stories, this is easy to read and easy to learn from. It's separated into about 40-page sections, each dedicated to one of the fruit of the spirit. If you need to learn more about kindness, simply jump to that section. This is a great tool to make sure your life is exhibiting the kinds of things it should be. Perfect bedside reading material. 
For more about the author and her book, visit 
This book provided for review by Worthy Publishing

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A Rumored Fortune by Joanna Davidson Politano

A Rumored Fortune by Joanna Davidson Politano is superb writing. Seriously, good writing. So good that I had to really pay attention to every single sentence. I prefer a book that I can read, something light, quickly. This had to be read in silence with my full attention. It reads like a classic and not something put out in 2018. It's in its own realm.

The story centers on Tressa Harlowe and the castle she grew up in. Her father's death has set the town in a frenzy. Everyone is showing up for money due them. Extended family arrives to help in the treasure hunt for the rumored fortune. 

Unfolding the story is slow, this does not move very fast at all, and almost minute by minute. There are some twists and turns I never saw coming. Surprises throughout the second half of the book.

Very good reading if you have the time and attention to give it. This is not a beach read, this is a soaking in the tub read. 

This book provided for review by Revell.