Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Be Bold - A Coloring Devotional by Ellen Elliott

Coloring is the latest rage amongst adults and this book, Be Bold (a coloring devotional by Ellen Elliott), is the latest entry by Tyndale. Coloring is stated to be relaxing and perfect for any age. I like that this book features scriptures and devotions along with several pages towards the back for your own doodling. There is plenty to meditate on while you're coloring and it's all uplifting and will point your thoughts to the Lord. There are sixty-two pages of devotions/coloring and it will keep you busy for hours.
 Pages are clean and easy to read. Coloring pages are delightful and not too hard.
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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Life After by Katie Ganshert

Life After by Katie Ganshert is a beautifully written tale of a lone survivor's struggle with picking up the pieces after being in an attack on a train in Chicago. Autumn wakes in the hospital and remembers nothing of the attack, she learns she's the only one who made it out alive and becomes obsessed with the lives and deaths of the ones who didn't live.
This book was not at all what I expected it to be. After reading thousands of books in my lifetime there aren't many that veer from the normal story pattern. This one had twists I never saw coming and was truly a pleasure to read. It gripped my heart and I saw myself in the story and I also saw some friends.
This is new this spring by Waterbrook Press and I highly recommend it.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2017 Reading List

Books I've read in 2017
Favorites are in bold

1. Random Acts of Deceit by Christy Barritt (Kindle)
2. Banana Cream Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke
3. Random Acts of Greed by Christy Barritt (Kindle)
4. Because You're Mine by Colleen Coble
5. Sugar by Kimberly Stuart
6. Random Acts of Scrooge by Christy Barritt (Kindle, Novella)
7. Driftwood Tides by Gina Holmes
8. Ready to Fumble by Christy Barritt (Kindle)
9. Pounced by Christy Barritt (Kindle)
10. If I'm Found by Terri Blackstock
11. The Memory of You by Catherine West

12. Life After by Katie Ganshert
13. Hunted by Christy Barritt (Kindle)
14. Rattled by Christy Barritt (Kindle)
15. Tear Down and Die by Joanna Campbell Slan (Kindle)
16. Home at Last by Deborah Raney

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ready to Fumble by Christy Barritt

When I find an author I love I read my way through their library. I've spent most of this winter reading Christy Barritt's Squeaky Clean series and the spin-offs from it. I love her sense of humor and the mysteries that are clean and contain nothing that makes me cringe.

Her newest book Ready to Fumble is the start of a new collection titled The Worst Detective Ever Mystery Series. This book introduces us to Joey Darling, known to the world of television as Raven Remington: TV sleuth. Fiction isn't real life and even Joey Darling isn't her real name. Joey leaves Hollywood and speculation of her life for the east coast where she finds herself hired in a real investigation. Using what she remembers from her years of filming a detective show and trying not to get herself killed in the process, she dodges a stalker, bad guys, people who know too much, people who recognize her, and even some interesting love interests.

This book had me giggling from the start as I entered Joey's world. It was a fun read and left me wanting more. Can't wait for the rest of this fun new series.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Because You're Mine by Colleen Coble

This is likely the best Colleen Coble book I've read. Completely different from her previous works, this one grabbed my attention on the first page and never let go. Full of suspense and intrigue, it kept me on the edge of my seat while housework went undone. Obsession runs deep in this book and yet redemption is also a theme. Very well written and engaging.
 What I also appreciated about this book was that there was nothing in it that I found offensive or vulgar/crude. Even when writing about sticky situations Coble is able to maintain a safe atmosphere for the reader.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

NIV Journal Bible for Girls

The NIV Holy Bible for Girls - Journal Edition by Zondervan is simply beautiful. The cover appeals to girls of all ages (even to my own middle-age!). The NIV version is a trusted version and one that is easy to read and understand. Perfect for gift-giving or for yourself. This is also appealing for anyone who likes to take notes in their Bible or loves to doodle journal. Your Bible is one of the most personal things you can own and now you can make it truly yours. Create, dream, pray, you can jot it all down in here and keep it for a lifetime.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

For the Record by Regina Jennings

 For the Record by Regina Jennings is everything I've grown to expect from this author: humorous, gentle romance, and suspense. This book had me giggling and swooning from start to finish. A sweet story about what can happen when a writer doesn't change enough and readers figure out who she's been writing about.
Betsy Huckabee has plans to get out of her uncle's house and make it on her own as a writer but she's stuck in a small town in the middle of nowhere, and without inspiration until a handsome new lawman comes to town. She bases a series of stories on him but is soon caught between the truth and her imaginations. Delightful tale.
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