Friday, February 13, 2009

For Couples Only

The last in my week-long tribute to Valentine's Day, but perhaps the best!

I've been a fan of Shaunti & Jeff Feldhahn's writings for several years now. This latest release is a combination of both For Women Only and For Men Only. It is simply titled For Couples Only. It's a lovely little box set of two books that changed the way my husband and I relate to each other. I read For Women Only and was amazed at how much I didn't know about men. Then I went ahead and read For Men Only too because of my curious nature :) WOW! Did they hit head-on EXACTLY how women are. I watched as my husband read it and observed the "a-ha" looks on his face when he realized that I was not an abnormality, that ALL women are this way.

I recommend this box set for all married couples. I think it would make a wonderful wedding gift too. Or just a perfect Valentine's Gift to share with your spouse. Once you read these gems you'll realize that he/she is the way they are because that's how God made them to be. We are different from each other. That was His plan all along. These books open a world of understanding and will bring you closer together.

You can purchase them here:

Or leave me a comment. I'll draw a winner on Valentine's Day!


Cindy Loven said...

well gee I will comment, I havent read their book

Anonymous said...

I always love a free book. Q.'

Goosegirl said...

Oh Suzanne, pick me please!

By the way, I finally got a blog up and running.

In His Grace,

Anonymous said...

Me me me me me!

Chèrie said...

Hi, Suzanne. The books look great!

lifewith4walls said...

Hi Suzanne! Count me in please!

XO ~

Unknown said...

I love books, - Also thank you and Wayne for performing Jessica and my wedding. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay Suzanne! I'm in for this book. Anything to keep Jorge and I "so happy together". Did you hear me? I was just singing!

Anonymous said...

I'd like this!


Anonymous said...

Suzanne, I did read for women only, great book. I would love to read for couples only, maybe the hubby and I can read it together, hes never been much of a reader. I would try anything to keep us happy! We get to caught up in everyday routine, we need more us time!! -Jackie Bentley

Anonymous said...

Suzanne...would love to have this book....anything that Erik and I can do to try to reconnect after such a difficult time. We've only been married 4 1/2 years, but there have been so many HUGE life changes that we've grown very far apart....Life gets in the way and I don't want it to continue. Please .... pick me!!!!