Monday, February 2, 2009

Stand-In Groom

New from Barbour is Stand-In Groom by author Kaye Dacus. Anne Hawthorne is a wedding planner who's been pretty unlucky in love herself. Her time is devoted to helping others plan the weddings of their dreams. Her newest client slowly steals her heart and she tries to get over the feelings she has for George because, well because he's engaged. What Anne doesn't know is that George is being payed (very well!) to stand in for the real groom because of publicity reasons. George shares Anne's feelings but must remain incognito until just before the big day. When Anne finds out who he really is will she be able to forgive him for being deceitful? When Anne finds out the identity of the real groom will she be able to continue planning the wedding?

This sweet story will remind you that true love really does exist and that dreams can come true.


Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne,

I just finished Plain Perfect by Beth Wiseman. It is a great book about a woman who returns to her Amish roots. The grandfather is a "hoot"!

I'll have to check this book out! Looks like a good winter read!
Ruth, PA

Goosegirl said...

Suzanne, this sounds darling. I may have to encourage my MIL to buy it so she can pass it on to me. She loves this kind of book too.

In His Grace,