Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Abbie Ann by Sharlene MacLaren

Abbie Ann is the third and final installment in Sharlene MacLaren's The Daughters Of Jacob Kane series and it isn't often that I finish reading a series that leaves me with such a sense of satisfaction. Though it was hard to bid farewell to the Kane family, this book ended the series perfectly.

Abbie Ann is the youngest of Jacob Kane's three daughters, and is the only one still single. That may have something to do with her involvement in the Womens Christian Temperance Union. She also helps run the family general store and happens to be at work when a new man in town is thrown into her life as a result of his wagon bursting right through the front window of the store. When her eyes meet Noah's there is a spark of attraction, even more than with the man she's been courting for the past several months.

Abbie fights her feelings for Noah once she finds out he's recently divorced and she tries to muster up feelings for the man she's courting, all the while leading her WCTU meetings against the towns taverns which leads to even more trouble. Anonymous threats and peculiar encounters lead to a showdown which threatens her life.

In the end Abbie finds herself safe in the arms of love, but which man does she choose? You'll have to read for yourself to find out. At 500 pages, this book does not disappoint, nor does it drag on and on. I'm telling you, it's the perfect ending to the series!

Here are all three books:

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