Monday, August 2, 2010

Solitary by Travis Thrasher

I've read all but two of Travis Thrasher's novels (Every Breath You Take and Out of the Devil's Mouth) and one of them was a top pick from my 2009 reads (Sky Blue--simply AMAZING!) but this latest one, Solitary, shows us a different side of Travis. He's come into another level with his first venture into YA fiction and I applaud him. Solitary grabbed me from the first page and didn't stop until I reached the end (which thankfully isn't the end, this is the first in a series!) This is one scary, heart pounding ride. A little reminiscent of the popular Twilight series, there's a new boy in town and a girl that he's warned to stay away from. The two are drawn together even when they try to stay away from each other. The warnings don't stop. Things get deeper. This is where the similarities end. Thrasher takes his book an entirely different direction than the mainstream YA books. If you've got teen readers then you need to share this book with them.
Sidenote: I really enjoyed the vague reference to Amy Grant on page 355.

Thanks, Travis, for this CLEAN READ.

From the back cover:
His loneliness will soon turn to fear...
When Chris Buckley moves to Solitary, North Carolina, he faces the reality of his parents' divorce, a school full of nameless faces--and Jocelyn Evans. Jocelyn is beautiful and mysterious enough to leave Chris speechless. But the more Jocelyn resists him, the more the two are drawn together.
Chris soon learns that Jocelyn has secrets as deep as the town itself, secrets more terrifying than the bullies he faces in the locker room or his mother's unexplained nightmares. He slowly begins to understand the horrific answers. The question is whether he can save Jocelyn in time.
This first book in the Solitary Tales series will take you from the cold halls of high school to the dark rooms of an abandoned cabin--and remind you what it means to believe in what you cannot see.

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Cafe Lily Book Reviews said...

I read it, but found it a little too creepy. I enjoyed Blinded much better and plan to pick up Sky Blue when I run out of things to read :-)