Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Faithful by Kim Cash Tate

Faithful by Kim Cash Tate is the story of three friends whose lives are all going in different directions. Cydney is turning 40 and was hoping to be married by now but hasn't found the right man (or ANY man of late) to commit to. Her best friend Dana is happily married until the day she walks into her bedroom (with Cydney on her heels) to discover her husband in her bed with another woman. Phyllis' marriage is mostly happy, in order for it to be her dream fulfilled, she needs her husband to find what she's discovered, a new life in Christ. All of her talking and pleading seems to push him further away. She's heartbroken and finds comfort in an old college friend who just happens to be grieving the loss of his wife. All three of these stories intertwine and these women find the answers to their problems in their church pew and home group Bible study.

There was a lot that I liked about this book. Having lived in the St Louis area for several years, I was able to picture where the events in this book took place. The characters were realistic and they even made me mad at times.

This book was also pretty hard to read. It made me feel a little uncomfortable. Maybe because these situations are all too real and we all know someone who's found themself in one of them. This would be an excellent book for young married women to read, it may give them hope or keep them from allowing another to capture what belongs to their spouse.

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