Monday, September 27, 2010

The Way Home DVD Starring Dean Cain

The Way Home starring Dean Cain (best known for his role as Superman on the TV series Lois & Clark) is based on the true story of the Simpkins family who went through every parents nightmare of their child disappearing. Two year old Joe went missing while his parents were preparing for a family vacation and had left him in the driveway for mere moments. What happened next was heartwarming, the entire community came together and searched for this little one, hoping to bring him home. I'll not share what happens because no one likes a spoiler! This film is perfect for family viewing, it has a PG rating but with the way movies are now I'd have given it a G. It's clean and inspiring. It's by Lionsgate Entertainment and is Dove Family Approved.

An interesting fact about this film is that it was filmed at the very location where the events unfolded. The places you see on the screen are the actual places where the searches took place. I also appreciated the way they portrayed Christians in this movie, usually the Christians are the underdogs or weird ones, this movie showed Christians as real people (which we are) and it showed them praying to the Lord for strength. It's good to share a movie with my family that goes hand in hand with how we live our own lives. Finally, someone out there is listenting and providing decent entertainment that I don't have to be ashamed of bringing into my home.
This DVD will be released on Oct 26, 2010 - just in time for those long evenings when you're looking for something to do as a family. Go get it, you won't be disappointed!

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This DVD was provided for review by Thomas Nelson in their BookSneeze program.

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Anonymous said...

The Gospel Music Channel is going to air it this Friday, Oct. 1, at 8 pm. I'm looking forward to it!