Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dining With Joy by Rachel Hauck

Dining with Joy is Rachel Hauck's latest novel and she returns us to the Lowcountry with it. Joy is living a happy life as a single woman who follows her deceased father's wishes and takes over hosting his cooking show on TV. The only problem is the Joy doesn't know how to cook. Not even a bowl of pasta with sauce. Not even an egg. This chick is clueless in the kitchen but manages to hide it well. She also finagles her way out of cooking competitions on a regular basis in order to keep her secret.

Enter Luke, a handsome chef whose first attempt at his own restaurant goes south. Luke ends up in Georgia and falls into co-hosting Dining with Joy. Sparks ignite between these two and their on-screen chemistry is exactly what a national cable network is looking for. Can Joy keep up the charade? Will Luke be lured back into having his own kitchen to cook in?

Kudos to Rachel for characters that come to life and a book that warms the heart. Joy and Luke are Christian characters who are fun to get to know and grow with.

Thanks, Rachel, for another CLEAN READ!
I highly recommend this book, you'll love it~some recipes are included in the back for more fun.

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