Thursday, December 23, 2010

Flight Plan by Lee Burns & Braxton Brady

Flight Plan by Lee Burns & Braxton Brady is subtitled as "Your mission to become a man," and is a how-to guide that these two have put together for young teens to read and learn from. I was not impressed by this book. I found it to be rather boring and if it didn't hold my attention what are the odds that it would hold the attention of a young teen boy? One chapter I'm sure would hold their attention, however, is the chapter on sex which I found to be awfully graphic. This is one chapter that I would not want my son to read (or my daughter, for that matter!) I understand that many young men aren't learning the facts of life at home, but this book went into a little too much detail. I was hoping to pass this on to my son, thinking he might glean a thing or two from it, but after reading through it, there's little chance of me passing it on to anyone.

I did appreciate the frank talk about pornography and the advice to abstain from all forms of it (especially the Victoria's Secret catalogs!) and how one little look can embed itself and cause a lifetime of regret. Kudo's to the authors for addressing this epidemic.

I really don't enjoy giving a non-recommendation for a book. I wish every book that fell into my hands was one I could share with gladness, this is one book that I would not recommend to any Christian parent unless they read through it first so they'll know exactly what is getting into the mind of their young man.

This book was provided for review by The B&B Media Group.

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