Sunday, January 23, 2011

Save the Date by Jenny B Jones

Save the Date is the newest book by author Jenny B. Jones and it was worth waiting for! My readers know that I usually devour a book in a day or two (at the most) but this one, I savored for a whole week. It was delightful. It was Jenny B. Jones at her heartwarming best. You'll fall in love with Lucy as you see her do whatever she needs to do in order to save the home for teenage girls that she runs, even if it means wearing (gasp!) a pantsuit. Lucy is determined to give at-risk teen girls a second chance, to help them graduate and to show them that there is more to life than what their circumstances tell them. She devotes her life to these girls and Saving Grace, the home where they live. When funding is cut it seems like she's about to lose it all. Until she meets Alex Sinclair. He proposes a fake engagement that will get them both what they want. He wants a congressional seat and she needs money. She accepts even though her old flame, Matt, has just come back into the picture. Lucy faces many surprises throughout the book and falls in love in the end of it all. The characters come alive in Save the Date and I found myself wiping away the tears several times.

More reasons for me to love this book:
One of the minor characters has my maiden name.
There's a reference to both Cary Grant and Pierce Brosnan ON THE SAME PAGE!

I'd like to think that Jenny did this for me. Let me think it, okay?

You can read the prologue here.

Thanks to BookSneeze for this review copy. And thanks to Jenny B Jones for another CLEAN READ!!


Anonymous said...

"I'd like to think that Jenny did this for me. Let me think it, okay?"

Yep, she did....just for you! :)

Jenny B. Jones said...

I did. I totally did.