Sunday, February 6, 2011

Meet Mrs Smith by Anna Smith and Carolyn Johnson

Meet Mrs Smith by Anna Smith and Carolyn Johnson is a look behind the scenes of the family of Delirious? front man Martin Smith. While Martin and the band grow from a local worship team to a world renound music group they leave family behind to tour everywhere they can. This is a look at the Smith family from Mrs. Smith's persepective. The years of raising children (mostly alone) have forced this one-woman show into a very organized routine. Her love for her family is evident between the pages. Her humble heart shows also.

While I'm not familiar with this band and their music I could relate to the time that Anna spent alone while her husband ministered (although not to the same extent!) Some parts of this book were a little confusing because the words are a jargon that isn't used in the States. Anna and Martin are Brittish, so the spelling of some words is different too (that didn't take away from the book, it just caused me to read slower).

My heart ached for Anna as she shared about miscarrying mid-flight, trying to get pregnant, rushing her child to a hospital in a foreign country and I just felt plain tired for her. This mom of six kids who has an open door policy at her home should be awarded a tiara and given a years supply of chocolates.

This was an interesting look into the lives and hearts of people who truly care about others and live out the Christian life as it should be. It will inspire you to stay faithful to the One who is always faithful to you.

Thanks to the B&B Media Group and Cook Publishing for providing this review copy.

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