Sunday, May 22, 2011

False Witness by Randy Singer

Originally published in 2007, Randy Singer rewrote False Witness and it's been recently published again by Tyndale. With all of the new technology over the past few years he felt it deserved a facelift.

I was a little intimidated by this book each time I walked by it. It looked deep and I'm more a reader of lighthearted women's fiction. Once I picked it up and started reading, I was hooked. Randy Singer took the legal thriller and made it easy to follow and easy to understand. I felt so connected to the characters that I cringed when something bad happened to them. I could almost see the entire thing playing out in my mind. Very well written and engaging, it's broken down into six parts and has a lot of characters, but not so many that it's hard to follow. The Chinese mafia, law students, the US Witness Protection Program, the FBI...this book has it all. Probably my favorite of Singer's writings.

From the back cover:

An adrenaline-laced thrill ride, False Witness takes readers from the streets of Las Vegas to the halls of the American justice system and the inner sanctum of the growing church in India, with all the trademark twists, turns, and intrigue Randy Singer fans have come to expect.

Clark Shealy is a bail bondsman with the ultimate bounty on the line: his wife's life. He has forty-eight hours to find an Indian professor who created an equation so powerful it can crack all Internet encryption. If he fails, his wife pays the price.

Four years later, law student Jamie Brock is working in legal aid when a routine case takes a vicious twist: she learns that her clients, members of the witness protection program, are accused of defrauding the government and have the algorithm. Now the couple is on the run from federal agents and the Chinese mafia, who both know the formula's power and will do anything to get it.

All royalties from False Witness will be donated to the Dalit Freedom Network, which works to provide Dalit children a first-class education and free them from the bondage of human trafficking.

Randy Singer is a critically acclaimed best selling author, veteran trial attorney, and pasto who is deeply passionate about ending the human rights struggles in Indea mentioned briefly in this novel. Visit his website here.

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