Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Love Letters in the Sand by Diann Hunt

It's been far too long since Diann Hunt has released a new book, but Love Letters in the Sand was worth waiting for. It's a perfect summer read that I savored every page of. Step back in time to the mid 1950s when Elvis topped the charts and it was safe for a young woman to get lost in her thoughts while walking alone on the beach in the evening. The story of Julia & Stefan's young love was so well-written that it warmed my heart and made me remember long ago pinings of my own summers.

Young love separated by time and distance is what Julia and Stefan faced when he was sent overseas during WW II. Seventeen years later Julia is still aching over the lost love and wondering what ever happened between them when she meets Lucas, new in town. Can she risk opening her heart to love again? What about the secrets from Lucas' past? Will Julia ever be able to trust him when she finds out the truth about him?

This book is dotted with scenery from the 50s including the Cherry Coke at the diner, the malt that is shared with friends, a few (now) classic films that are seen. Truly a wonderful way to spend a few days.

Thanks so much, Diann, for this CLEAN READ!

This book was shared with me by the author. You can purchase a copy here.

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