Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blue Skies Tomorrow by Sarah Sundin

Blue Skies Tomorrow is the third in Sarah Sundin's Wings of Glory series. This volume takes us into the circa WWII life of Helen Carlisle, a war widow who's more happy than sad that her husband died in combat, but puts on the face of a grieving widow because she feels it's what's expected of her. When she meets up with Ray (the guy she crushed on for years when she was younger), she doesn't think anything could ever come of it. Her self esteem is shot because she was a victim of polio when she was a child and because her deceased husband was physically abusive to her. Helen lives with her in-laws and her almost-three year old son. Helen and Ray start dating and get a little hot and heavy, she ends it and he enlists in the army and heads overseas.

That's the beginning of the book. Parts of it were a little slow and other parts were a little fast (and heated). Parts of it were a little hard to pay attention to, like when there were "quotation marks" around "certain words" that didn't "need" to be there. It really slowed the reading down. Thankfully this only lasted a few chapters. Other parts of this book were loaded down with technical terms pertaining to war and aircrafts. I appreciate that the author did her research, but this information didn't add to the story at all and may have been best unwritten.

While I sympathized with Helen and the abuse that she lived through, I felt that she was too much of a doormat and wished she'd stand up for herself more in the beginning of the book. She seemed a little flaky, even while she was beginning a relationship with Ray.

I didn't really enjoy reading this book. It didn't seem real enough for me.

This book was provided for review by Litfuse and Revell.

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