Friday, December 2, 2011

Heaven is For Read Small Group DVD Kit & Conversation Guide

The Heaven is for Read DVD Conversation Kit & Guide by Todd Burpo is a nicely packaged tool for small group use. It comes with a book to guide you through discussions and a DVD to watch with interviews with the Burpo family. There are five segments to this so your group can move through it quickly.
The segments are:
  1. Why should we care about Heaven?
  2. What is Heaven like?
  3. When does a person go to Heaven?
  4. Where is Heaven?
  5. Who goes to Heaven?
Todd Burpo backs up everything with Scripture while he speaks.

The DVD is filmed in a very laid back setting. Almost too laid back. There are parts that could have been edited to make it a little more professional, but I suppose that's part of the appeal (showing that these are real people).

The sessions are short and are easy to follow and understand. The question guide makes for interesting conversation. This might even be something good for a group of people who aren's sure about "the whole God thing."

This was provided for review by BookSneeze & Thomas Nelson.

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