Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Accidental Bride by Denise Hunter

New from Thomas Nelson is Denise Hunter's The Accidental Bride. This is the second in her Big Sky Romance series, but it is a stand alone novel like her others. This novel releases today so you should brave the weather (if you're in the North East like me) and run out and get it, or download it for your Kindle.

Shay Brandenberger worries far too much about what the town people of Moose Creek, Montana think about her. She thinks they haven't forgotten how she was left at the altar fourteen years ago and how her marriage to another man after that ended in a bitter divorce. She knows they're talking about her and when she dares to venture from her ranch and go into town for groceries she can feel their stares. She's learned to put up walls and keep people out, except for her twelve year old daughter (the only good thing to come from her marriage).

The Moose Creek annual founders day festival is coming up and Shay reluctantly agrees to play the part of the bride for the wedding that's reenacted each year. It isn't until she's walking down the aisle that she realizes the groom is Travis, the man who left her at the altar all those years ago. The reenactment, in a strange twist of fate, becomes a legal marriage and Shay must face Travis whether she likes it or not. She must learn to forget what she thinks others think about her and live her life seeking approval only from the one who made her.

Denise Hunter again delivers a book that will leave you breathless as she not only points the reader to the lover of our souls, but gives a glimpse of true romantic love. A delightfully clean read.

This book was provided for review by The B&B Media Group.

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