Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Scent of Lilacs by Ann H Gabhart

Scent of Lilacs by Ann H Gabhart is new from Revell. This book is based in the mid 1960s (though I never got that from reading the story, I thought it was contemporary fiction and not historical. The back cover is what told me when it was set.) and is the story of young teen Jocie Brooke and her pastor father. Jocie's long-lost sister returns after nine years and the family has to start rebuilding what they once knew.
Though the premise was a good one I didn't think this story actually went anywhere. I kept waiting for it to move forward and for something to happen but it moved at a snail's pace and towards the end I just skimmed the pages to see how it ended.
Unfortuately for me it is a forgettable book.

From the back cover:
After the summer of 1964, life for Jocie Brooke will never be the same.
Life-changing events rarely happen in quiet Hollyhill, Kentucky, and when they do, they are few and far between. But for young Jocie Brooke and her family, they happen all at once during the humid summer of 1964. Though on the surface things are just fine, it seems like everyone in Jocie's life has something they're not saying, something they're hiding from her--and from themselves. As Jocie digs into her family's past, she stirs up a whirlwind of discoveries. Will she find the answers everyone so desperately needs? Or will her questions lead to truths better left hidden?

This book was provided for review by Revell. 

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