Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ring the Bell

I received this movie for free in hopes that I'd mention it on my blog. No compensation was given to me and the thoughts expressed below are mine and mine alone.
Ring the Bell is the latest in Christian entertainment from Provident Films. This one is sweet and sometimes a little cheesy. Big-time sports agent Rob Decker is chasing after a high school baseball player who has decided to attend college even though he can go straight into the major leagues. Rob is convinced that he is the one who can change this young man's mind. He ends up in a town so small that everyone knows everyone  and they don't even have a stoplight (and yet they host a Casting Crowns concert?)
Rob checks into a B&B and asks to use their phone to make a long distance call--instead of using his cell phone?
There were several little things like this that didn't add up for me, probably mistakes in editing that weren't caught.
The "bell" from the title ends up being a bell at a boy's home that's rung when someone accepts Christ as their savior. 
The premise of the story is good, I just found it to be a little unrealistic and silly.

This was provided for review by FlyBy Promotions.

You can watch the trailer for this film here


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