Friday, April 12, 2013

This is Our Time

Christian movies are not what they used to be. Remember the days when they were all so cheesy? This is Our Time is new by Pure Flix and is fantastic. I was a little hesitant to watch because I didn't want to be disappointed. This movie even drew in my teenage daughter. I can't wait to share it with my friends and family.
Completely family friendly, it will warm your heart and break it at the same time. Follow five friends after their college graduation. One couple to India, one woman to her dream job at an investment firm, one man at his dream job, and one man who is waiting tables because he didn't get into grad school.
The narrator at the beginning says, "It was hard to imagine that one of us wouldn't make it through the year." 
This film puts into a picture of how God works things for good. The way He weaves things while we are unknowing. Beautiful.
It especially touched me as I watched it last night, knowing that my husband had just boarded a plane to return home from a missions trip to India.
I also enjoyed learning about Embrace A Village, an organization that helps leprosy victims and their families in India.
This is one not to be missed!

FlyBy Promotions gave me a copy of this movie to review and they're also giving one to one reader of my blog. 
Simply leave a comment and tell me how you've seen God at work in your life.    


Rebekah said...

I see God at work in my life every time I look at my kids. Each one, unique in their own way, making me into the person God wants me to be.

karenk said...

I see God in Spring's beauty...just yesterday the trees were they are budding and blossoming. The grass is greener. And the spring flowers are blooming. What a miracle of recreation.

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Composed By Grace said...

God has brought total healing of a physical problem I had for about 15 years. He has supplied financially that we are debt free. He supplies peace that I feel most during the time I spend with Him each morning. Oh, Suzanne, you know I could go on for another post or two. :) He is ALWAYS so very faithful!

Suzanne said...

Rebekah, you won! Watch for your movie in the mail.

Lisa Arnold said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful review of THIS IS OUR TIME. It was a great gift from God to write and direct. We have also created a four week study guide as a FREE resource for churches, youth and college organizations. Pure Flix will be posting it later this week. I hope it helps everyone take a closer look at what God is calling them to be!


Lisa Arnold