Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Promise by Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley

The Promise by Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley is the second book in their Restoration Series. It wasn't quite as moving to me as their first, The Dance, but then I haven't faced the problems addressed in this book. It was fast-paced and easy to read, it kept my attention so much that I finished it in one day (just several hours of reading time in between laundry and other chores). I'm glad these men have decided to tackle some of the greatest problems in marriages and a novel is a good way to do it. Again though, as I thought with the first one, these are geared towards women when it's the men who ought to read them. The men (in both novels) are the ones who need to do most of the changing, yet I doubt a man will read this series without prodding from their wives.

From the back cover:
For the last five months, Tom Anderson has been without a job, a fact he's been hiding from his wife Jean-and everyone else. He leaves each morning, pretending nothing has changed, and spends his disheartening day rotating through coffee shops and the library, using their wifi to search jobs listings online. The stress of keeping his secret is beginning to put some serious strain on his marriage. 
But Tom's not the only one hiding something. Jean Anderson has a secret of her own-one that will seriously complicate their situation. Will the promises they made on their wedding day hold firm?

This book was provided for review by Revell.

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