Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Big Book of Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids by Rob Elliott

This may be a joke book for kids, but some of the jokes are really quite funny.

Separated into three sections:
Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids
Zoolarious Animal Jokes for Kids
Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids

I spent some quality time with my husband last night reading these jokes aloud, we both laughed. A lot. I do admit I laughed a little harder, but we all know that I have the sense of humor of a seventh-grader.

Some of my favorites:
How do you shoot a bumblebee?
With a bee-bee gun

Why are snails shy at parties?
They don't want to come out of their shell.

At 180 pages, this is packed full of things that will make you snicker, guffaw, giggle, and groan. Lots of clean fun for kids of all ages.

This book was provided for review by Revell.

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