Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Friend Me by John Faubion

Oh my goodness, if you read one book this year make it Friend Me by John Faubion. This is going on my list of one of the best books I've ever read. And it's a debut novel. A debut! I wish all debuts were this good. I started it last night and finished it at noon today. Could not put this one down. Simply amazing. And all too real.
The author did a great job of drawing me into the story, explained everything so I was not confused at all (which, I admit, if I don't get a good explanation I'm sometimes really lost in a technical book). He wrote from the perspective of three people, a husband and his wife, and a psychopath named Melissa. He wrote the female parts with such accuracy that I had to keep reminding myself that it was written by a man. 
This book shows how easy it is, with social media, to fall into areas that you never think you would. And that fantasy of any kind is destructive. 
The only part of this that I didn't agree with was when the husband (Scott) was offered a job because he was the kind of man they were looking for. The man offering the job made Scott out to be a strong Christian, when all through the book we see Scott being anything but that. In real life Scott would need some counseling and accountability before being put into the position of leadership that he was offered. At least, that's how I know it to be after being in ministry for nearly 22 years.

This book was provided for review by LitFuse.

From the back cover:
"You're afraid you are becoming unfaithful, aren't you?'
Scott and Rachel's marriage is on the brink of disaster. Scott, a businessman with a high-pressure job, just wants Rachel to understand him and accept his flaws. Rachel is a lonely housewife, desperate for attention and friendship. So she decides to create a virtual friend online, unaware that Scott is doing the exact same thing. But neither realizes that there's a much larger problem looming...
Behind both of their online creations is Melissa, a woman who is brilliant--and totally insane. Masquerading as both friend and lover, Melissa programmed a search parameter into the Virtual Friend Me software to find her perfect man, but along the way she forgot to specify his marriage status. And Scott is her ideal match. Now Melissa is determined to have it all--Scott, his family, and Rachel's life.
As Melissa grows bolder and her online manipulations transition into the real world, Scott and Rachel figure out they are being played. Now it's a race against time as Scott and Rachel fight to save their marriage, and their lives, before it's too late.

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