Friday, April 25, 2014

The Passion Principles by Shannon Ethridge

 The Passion Principles by Shannon Ethridge is unlike any marriage book I've read before. It goes into a lot more detail about things I thought I was an expert on after twenty-two years of marriage. While much of the advice and teaching is spot-on, there are a few things that made me feel a little icky. Like the advice (and endorsed website) to use toys in the marriage bed. Some might think that's crossing a line and could lead to damaging relationships. The author also mentions time and again how the sexual relationship between man and wife is likened to the relationship between Christ and his bride (the church). Um, there's a visual I'm just not comfortable with.

Anyway, if you're in need of some sexual help in your marriage then check out this book. It's got all kinds of ideas.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Amazing Spiderman 2 Discussion Guide and giveaway!

Spidey is back!
The Amazing Spiderman 2 is coming out and there's an accompanying discussion guide to go along with this one. Perfect for families, youth groups, Sunday school classes, small groups, etc. The guide has four different sections and offers questions pertaining to sacrifices, destiny, power, and more. What a great way to enjoy a family evening, a movie and then a discussion about it. 

You can view the trailer here:

FlyBy Promotions is also offering up a prize pack giveaway to one lucky reader of mine! You could win
 AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 Prize Pack (t-shirt, paper mask and phone case) simply leave a comment and I'll choose a winner in a week or so.


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Thursday, April 10, 2014

What Follows After by Dan Walsh

 What Follows After is Dan Walsh's latest novel and the first that I've read of his solo works. It is apparent that he's got a burden for making marriages work. There were many parts of this book that I liked and about the same amount that I didn't like. 
The kidnapping and emotions surrounding it were both frightening and heartbreaking. This book gripped me so much that I read it in one short day. I had a hard time though following the characters in the beginning as they jumped back and forth several decades. Once I got down who was who I was fine. 
I didn't enjoy the parts about the Cuban Missile Crisis--just found that to be boring and distracting from the real story, "Where is Timmy?"
I also didn't enjoy the way the main couple were counseled by the secondary couple. It felt preachy and uncomfortable. I just don't think that part flowed well.
In all, I enjoyed it. Not sure I'll seek out another by this author anytime soon as I don't think I'm in need of the therapy.

Here's the back cover:

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Love Comes Calling by Siri Mitchell

 I've enjoyed all of Siri Mitchell's historical fiction, but none quite as much as her latest. Love Comes Calling has the most carefree, fun, and darling character than any book I've read in years.
Ellis Eton is a hoot. She's as scatterbrained as they come but has a heart of gold. The situations she finds herself in are hysterical but are always under the guise of helping someone else with a problem.
She winds up working as an operator at a local switchboard for her lookalike friend. She overhears a conversation about someone she's close to and takes it on herself to set things right and protect those she loves. Along the way she mutters, "Oysters and clambakes!" a few too many times (really, that was the only thing that bothered me about this book--it got annoying) and learns a lot about herself and her family that she never knew.

Here's the back cover:

I loved this so much that I started it this morning and finished just after dinner. 
Highly recommend this one!

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