Thursday, April 10, 2014

What Follows After by Dan Walsh

 What Follows After is Dan Walsh's latest novel and the first that I've read of his solo works. It is apparent that he's got a burden for making marriages work. There were many parts of this book that I liked and about the same amount that I didn't like. 
The kidnapping and emotions surrounding it were both frightening and heartbreaking. This book gripped me so much that I read it in one short day. I had a hard time though following the characters in the beginning as they jumped back and forth several decades. Once I got down who was who I was fine. 
I didn't enjoy the parts about the Cuban Missile Crisis--just found that to be boring and distracting from the real story, "Where is Timmy?"
I also didn't enjoy the way the main couple were counseled by the secondary couple. It felt preachy and uncomfortable. I just don't think that part flowed well.
In all, I enjoyed it. Not sure I'll seek out another by this author anytime soon as I don't think I'm in need of the therapy.

Here's the back cover:

This book was provided for review by Revell.

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