Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sarah's Choice by Rebecca St James and Nancy Rue

 Sarah's Choice is the second collaboration of internationally known Rebecca St James and author Nancy Rue (who chose that as her pen name because she loved Nancy Drew as a child). While the book didn't captivate me, it was an easy read and I finished in just over two hours. It deals with a lot of topics that may be too intense for some readers. I found that my favorite part was the friendship between Sarah and her co-worker Audrey. I loved the way Audrey gently guided her and let her tell her story until it was all out. Audrey was the perfect example of a person sharing the love of Christ with someone who has been hurt by "christians".
Another part of this book is reminiscent of A Christmas Carol. There was also the choice that Sarah had to make, whether to have an abortion or to keep her baby.
There was a lot going on  but it was woven together well.

Here's the back cover:  
This book was provided for review by Thomas Nelson's BookLook program.

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