Friday, August 22, 2014

The VB6 Cookbook

 VB6 means to eat vegan daily until 6:00 at night when you can then add some meat and other options into your diet. It's a way to get people to eat more healthy foods on a regular basis. 
I got this book because I have a teenager who is interested in vegan food but doesn't want to go all-in. This is perfect for us.
It's packed full of recipes (vegan and non) that are not your usual fare. We made the "chorizo" tacos (pictured below) for lunch today - though we did modify the recipe and turned it into lettuce wraps instead of using corn tortillas. I've cooked with tofu plenty of times but the method in this recipe is not one I've tried before and I will  be doing it a lot more often. We've already decided to play with the ingredients and turn it into Thai or Vietnamese. Yum.

I'm looking forward to trying many more recipes in this book. There are even dessert recipes and smoothie recipes.

If you're looking for a healthier lifestyle but don't want to give up meat altogether then check this book out. 

This book was provided for review by Blogging for Books

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