Monday, September 8, 2014

The Remaining by Travis Thrasher

 The Remaining is a novelization by Travis Thrasher, based on a movie of the same title that is being released on Sept 5th
This is a movie about what happens after the rapture. Far different storyline than Left Behind. This is more horrific. 
The book was fast paced and very well-written. I've been a Travis Thrasher fan since sometime in 2007 (or earlier, can't remember for sure). I've enjoyed watching his career change and his writing grow. 
I'm excited to see the movie and hope that it's a topic of conversation and an opening to furthering the gospel.
This book is not for young readers, it might be too scary for them. It is, however, a real glimpse into what might happen after the rapture. Very eye-opening and intense.

This was provided for review by Tyndale.

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