Saturday, December 13, 2014

Wisdomantics DVD board game

Sometimes when I'm offered something to review I get pretty excited about it. I thought this DVD game Wisdomantics would be fun. It was quite a disappointment. Cheesy Christian entertainment at best. There are way too many instructions and rules to follow, we lost interest after we'd each taken one turn. This is for ages 12+ but it seems a little juvenile and I would venture that younger children would enjoy this more.
The DVD with questions isn't too bad, the questions are Bible verses that you have to choose from multiple choice answers to fill in the blanks. Most people would easily be able to choose the correct answers. When you get an answer right, King Solomon raises his hands and affirms you. 
Then you pick an advancement card (which are unmarked and just by power of deduction I realized they were the advancement cards--I guess you place them with the blank side up on the board?) and it tells you how many spaces to go and how many "blessing cards" to pick up. You then get a tile to build your temple on your temple card. Pass the question card to the next player and it's their turn to take a shot at a question.
The board is set up like a Monopoly board and two of the corner spaces have Praise Report (on one) and Prayer Request (on the other). You're then supposed to offer a praise report about what God is doing in your life or offer up a prayer request. 
We didn't even make it one turn around the board as we were...bored.
You can check it out for yourself here

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