Saturday, March 7, 2015

One Last Thing by Rebecca St James & Nancy Rue

One Last Thing is the latest collaboration from Rebecca St James and Nancy Rue, and is their best so far. I read this book in a day, and I was crying by the second chapter. This is a heavy, deep read and it exhausted me, trying to process the emotions that the characters were feeling weighed heavy on my heart. But I loved it.

This book is not for everyone, it deals with topics that are far too real and might be too much for some readers. If you have been in a relationship that was damaged by pornography then I would recommend not reading this book. It could bring up your past.

The reality of it broke my heart. Pornography is a huge problem and this book details how someone may fall into it and what a lasting impact it can have on them. If you think that pornography is no big deal then I urge you to read this book.

It is an important book and I think that it could help a lot of people.

From the back cover:
Tara had always imagined her happily every after. But her fiance's secrets are changing this story into on she doesn't even recognize.

Tara Faulkner and Seth Grissom grew up next door to each other in Savannah's historic district. Their parents are best friends. They finish each other's sentences all the time. Their fairy-tale wedding is a foregone conclusion...until Tara discovers another side to Seth three weeks before the wedding.

Reality has crashed in on Tara's fairytale--but hope will lead her to a future she couldn't have planned for herself.

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