Sunday, June 7, 2015

Once Upon a Summertime by Melody Carlson

Melody Carlson has been one of my favorite authors for a long time. She continues to put out books that are interesting and easy to read, yet are not all the same. Once Upon a Summertime is the first in a new series from her. 
In this story we follow Anna to New York City as she leaves home behind in order to further her career. The author brings the city to life and makes the reader truly feel as though she is there. I liked that a lot about this book. 
Learning about the hotel industry was also interesting to me. 
What I didn't really find believable about this book is how quickly the love story happened. It seemed like there were just a few pages left in the book and then BAM it happened. It just didn't feel real.
This won't dissuade me from following this author, I believe that this book is better suited for younger adult women (think 20s) than for someone my age.
This book was provided for review by Revell

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