Monday, November 16, 2015

Lucky Peach by Peter Meehan

 Lucky Peach by Peter Meehan is 101 Easy Asian Recipes for any level of cooking expertise or lack thereof. There is a picture for every recipe and while some of them  look difficult, the main difficulty will be finding some of the more obscure ingredients. 
The soups and stews and the chicken chapters are the ones that appeal most to me. I love to cook soup all year round. The Rotisserie Chicken Ramen is simple and uses easy to find ingredients. The Massaman Curry is a favorite in our home. The chicken recipes look amazing. From Five-Spice Chicken to Lemongrass Chicken to Korean Grilled Chicken, your family will thank you with each attempt. 
This book is well executed and will have even the pickiest of eaters finding their way through Asian cuisine.

This book provided for review by Blogging For Books

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