Friday, November 6, 2015

The Word of Promise New Testament Audio Bible NKJV

 The Word of Promise New Testament Audio Bible (NKJV) on CD is something I've always desired to have. The Bible on CD so I could listen to  it in the car. I took this on a recent road trip and was not at all impressed with the Gospels. The background noise is distracting, the music is cheesy, and the voices are not at all what I would like to listen to. Jesus didn't sound like Jesus. Jesus sounded wimpy. I couldn't bear to listen to it very long. I switched discs and listened to Romans instead. This was better, a little, because it was just the Bible being read, though there wasn't much passion behind it. The background noise (papers rustling, pen writing, birds singing) was annoying. I was hoping for so much more than this was.
This was provided for review by BookLook

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