Sunday, April 17, 2016

Face to Face by Misty Wallace and Keith Blackburn with Kirk Blackard

Face to Face by Misty Wallace & Keith Blackburn with Kirk Blackard is the story of two lives interrupted by a vicious crime, what happens afterwards, God's intervention, and forgiveness. This book gripped me the entire time I read it and proved once again what happens when someone allows their life to be directed by the Lord. His word tells us that all things work together for good to those who love Him, that means the things that happen yesterday, today, and that will happen in the future are woven together to create a story, a testimony, unlike any other. Such is the story of Misty and Keith. Thrown together by a series of events in a downward spiral, they had no idea that they would eventually need each other and how they would work together.
My favorite part of the book was page 180 where Keith talks about (ironically) doing a 180 in his life. 
This was mostly a clean read, very inspiring, only one word that I could have done without reading.
If you're looking for a true story of forgiveness against all odds or if you do prison ministry then I recommend this book.

Book provided for review by PR By the Book

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