Monday, August 29, 2016

Me - A Compendium

 This is the cutest book ever. I mean, really, look how darling this is. Every page is a blank slate for your child to record priceless memories. I wish I'd had something like this when my children were little. How fun is this? One page has: How I looked when I was a baby, how I look today, and How I'll look when I'm fifty. Another has a spot for a family portrait. There are questions to answer and secrets to reveal. A perfect gift for your favorite imaginative little one.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Gratitude prayer & coloring journal

 This is a lovely book. The coloring and journaling pages are peaceful and delightful. There are prompts and prayers on nearly every page. This is perfect for the writer or deep thinker in your life. I am always looking for a new journal to write my thoughts and prayers in. This brings new life to the ho-hum of simple journaling. This makes it an adventure.
New from Tyndale, part of the Living Expressions collection.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hope Prevails by Dr. Michelle Bengston

Hope Prevails by Dr. Michelle Bengston is a raw look at depression in the life of a doctor who spent most of her career diagnosing and treating this disorder. Walk with Michelle as she shares her story and gives hope for climbing out of times of despair. 
What I appreciated was how she teaches that depression is much more than just the workings of the body. She teaches how to treat and heal the spirit through the Word of God and through prayer and other biblical healing practices. This book shares how she treats the entire person, not just how to medicate depression. Very enlightening reading. 
What I loved about this book is the song list at the end of each chapter. 
While I've never dealt with depression I know people who have and if they'll read this book they'll find that it has power to help heal them and set them on a life of freedom.
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Monday, August 8, 2016

I WIsh He Had Come with Instructions by Mike Bechtle

 I Wish He Had Come with Instructions by Mike Bechtle is touted as "The Woman's Guide to a Man's Brain," and if I hadn't just read and reviewed If My Husband Would Change I'd Be Happy I probably would have enjoyed this one a little more but the aforementioned book was so impactful  and perfect that this one didn't do anything for me. It is written by a man for women and I couldn't relate to a lot of it. Somehow a book from a woman's perspective is easier for me to get into. This is still a man writing it and there are just some things that didn't communicate well for me. I thought it was just okay. 
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Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Bride(zilla) of Christ by Ted Kluck and Ronnie Martin

The Bride(zilla) of Christ was a book I couldn't wait to dig into because over the past twenty-four years of full-time ministry I've experienced a lot of hurt at the hands of God's people. Though looking back on it I'm not sure some of them truly were God's people. This book was very wordy for me. The points made could have been condensed into a nice little blog post or two. While it didn't deal a whole lot with what I would have liked to have seen, it did mention that sometimes conflicted relationships never come to a place of resolution. 

I did read some eye opening things about a famous pastor and an author who did her best to ruin him. I never knew any of that story and found it interesting yet also wondered if it was adding fuel to the fire. 

I found much more good information on dealing with hurt and destructive people by reading Ministering to Problem People in Your Church by Marshall Shelley. 

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Without Warning by Lynette Eason

 This book opens with the main character, Daniel, thrown into the middle of action and mystery and doesn't let up until it ends. It grabbed my attention from page one (well done Ms Eason!) and kept me guessing at who the bad guy was (which totally surprised me) the whole time. This was a clean read that is appropriate for any age. Good as a stand alone, yet part of the Elite Guardians series. I really enjoyed the archaeological aspect of this book and reading about the historical items found, this has always intrigued me and it was fun to see new life given to these lost items.
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