Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Bride(zilla) of Christ by Ted Kluck and Ronnie Martin

The Bride(zilla) of Christ was a book I couldn't wait to dig into because over the past twenty-four years of full-time ministry I've experienced a lot of hurt at the hands of God's people. Though looking back on it I'm not sure some of them truly were God's people. This book was very wordy for me. The points made could have been condensed into a nice little blog post or two. While it didn't deal a whole lot with what I would have liked to have seen, it did mention that sometimes conflicted relationships never come to a place of resolution. 

I did read some eye opening things about a famous pastor and an author who did her best to ruin him. I never knew any of that story and found it interesting yet also wondered if it was adding fuel to the fire. 

I found much more good information on dealing with hurt and destructive people by reading Ministering to Problem People in Your Church by Marshall Shelley. 

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