Friday, January 5, 2018

Oath of Honor by Lynette Eason

I've read many of Lynette Eason's books and Oath of Honor is not my favorite of them. I had a hard time concentrating on it but was able to get all the way through. There were a ton of characters to keep up with and it got a little confusing at time. It didn't seem as captivating as some of her other works, but I will continue to read this author because she's proven herself over time. Her books are always full of suspense and are clean reads. 

From the back cover:
Police officer Isabelle St. John loves her crazy, loud, law-enforcement family. She knows they'll be there for her when things get tough. Like when her partner is murdered and she barely escapes with her own life.
Izzy is determined to discover exactly what happened, and her investigation sends her headfirst into a criminal organization, possibly with cops on the payroll--including someone from her own family. With her dead partner's brother, Ryan, a handsome homicide detective, shadowing her every move, Izzy's head is spinning. How can she secure justice for her partner when doing so could mean sending someone she loves to prison? And how will she guard her heart when the man she's had a secret crush on for years won't leave her side?

This book provided for review by Revell. 

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