Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Real-Life Romance by Rhonda Stoppe

No matter your situation in life, someone else has been there. This book is filled with true stories of heartache and love. From the single mom who was abandoned and found love again, to the ones who never gave up on their own marriage. Each story is just a few pages long which makes this a great book to snuggle up with when you have a little extra time. 

My favorite stories in this book are the ones with reconciliation of some kind. They remind me of how we can't do anything in life without the help of our Father in heaven. 

The end of each story has a lesson of sorts. A little paragraph or two to ponder on and then another little section of questions to ask yourself. 

If you feel lost in your marriage or are hopelessly alone, there is a happy ending. God works in lives every day and these are just some of the outcomes of the prayers prayed. This is a very uplifting book and will make you feel like you're on a first date again. 

This book provided for review by Litfuse

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