Saturday, December 29, 2018

Code of Valor by Lynette Eason

Code of Valor by Lynette Eason is the story of Brady St John and Emily Chastain. This is the latest in the Blue Justice series. The story opened with immediate action and I was drawn right in. It was quick-paced and kept my attention, I was able to finish the book in just a few hours of reading time. The only thing I didn't like was that there were so many "bad guy" characters to keep up with. I had to keep flipping back to see who was who. The author addressed several deep issues with Emily's character. Cutting. Weight issues. Self-esteem. They were handled carefully and lead the reader to believe there is hope and healing for people who deal with such things.

From the back cover:
What Detective Brady St John really needs is a relaxing vacation. Unfortunately, just as the sun is setting on his second day at a friend's cabin on Lake Henley, he hears a scream and races to rescue a woman from her would-be killer. When the killer escapes only to return to finish the job, Brady vows to utilize all of his many resources to keep her safe--and catch those who would see her dead.
Financial crimes investigator Emily Chastain doesn't trust many people. And even though she's trying to cooperate with the detective who saved her life, there are some things she doesn't know--and some things you just don't share with a stranger. Little does she suspect that what she doesn't know just might get them both killed.

This book was provided for review by Revell. 

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