Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

by Steven K. Scott

In The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, Steven K. Scott reveals the hidden treasures to be found in Christ’s life as a human. When you learn from Jesus’ life on earth, your own life will be propelled to a whole new level of achievement, happiness, and success.

As you look at Jesus’ life, you will learn how to:

Find new meanings that will raise your life to new heights.
Develop missions that will produce greater creativity and productivity.
Communicate messages that will move the minds and hearts of your listeners.
Act in a manner that attracts others, increases your value, and heightens your self-esteem.
Adopt a method that accelerates extraordinary success.
Discover your incredible worth.
Give and receive a type of love that is truer than any you have experienced before.

Let the greatest Man who ever lived turn your purpose-driven life into a purpose-accomplished life!

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