Sunday, February 27, 2011

Do Hard Things by Alex & Brett Harris

Do Hard Things by Alex & Brett Harris is probably the best book for teens that I've ever read. This is written for teens by teens and I'm pretty sure that makes a difference. If you are a teen or are a parent of a teen the best thing that you can do for yourself this year will be to read this book. Released in 2008 by Multnomah, this book explains the Rebeloution that the Harris brothers started when they launched a website urging teens to step out of the stereotype and do something productive TODAY. Fanstastic reading that not only shares stories of things other teens have done, but that also gives practical ideas of how you can start doing hard things of your own. You don't have to be the typical lazy teen. You can make a difference in this world!

You can read the first chapter of this ground-breaking book here.

You can purchase this book here.

Get to know Alex & Brett here.

Thanks to Blogging for Books for this review copy.

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