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Delirious by Martin Smith & Craig Borlase

Before I opened this book I had no idea who Martin Smith was. Delirious? was a band that I'd heard of but, other than a duet with Amy Grant, had never listened to. Once I learned that he was the mastermind behind such songs as, "Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble" and, "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever" I was excited to read about this worship leader and his thoughts on life, touring, music, family & more.

What struck me the most was his love for India and the people he met while there. It changed his life and that first encounted eventually led to the break-up of the band and a change in Martin's vision and view of life.

This book is a beautifully written insight into the life of this man who wants nothing more than to serve Jesus and His people. You may also be interested in reading the book that his wife wrote. The two books go hand in hand and when you read them together it's interesting to note how these two people compliment each other so well. You can see where one has strengths and the other has weaknesses.

About the book:
Remembering How to Breathe

Martin Smith shares his story, his insight, and his challenge to change the world Martin Smith, one of the men behind the modern Christian worship movement, challenges readers in his autobiography, Delirious: My Life, Mission, and Reflections on the Global Worship Movement. Martin Smith fell in love with God early in his life. By his teen years, he was captivated by songs that expressed true intimacy with God. As he grew, he married a pastor’s daughter and became involved in his church’s outreach events. He began playing his own songs with a band at the events. Then, in 1995, Smith was involved in a near-fatal car accident. During his weeks of recovery, he decided to become a full-time musician. His new career quickly took off and he became the lead singer for the band Delirious?. Touring with groups such as Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Matchbox Twenty, and Switchfoot, Smith’s life became a whirlwind of balancing work and family.

Yet Martin still wrestled with questions every Christian faces: How do I balance my “ministry” with my family? How do I know what God is leading me to do? Can I hold on to my first love for God while still holding on to the wisdom gained over years?

Then, while visiting India in 2007, Smith met Farin, the daughter of a prostitute living in a Mumbai slum. This girl was the same age as one of his daughters, and without help she too would end up facing life as a sex worker. Within a matter of hours, Smith’s life was challenged and changed like never before. He returned home, his head confused, his heart wrenched. How did this compassion find its place in a life already so full? In his book, we follow Smith’s journey as he realizes that it isn’t his job to fix everything but instead to be in a relationship with his Saviour. “I love the story of God telling Moses to go back and command Pharaoh to set his people free. Moses knows that the only way of it working is if God goes with him. If God goes with us. How’s that for a guide to making those big decisions? Forget the profit or the profile, why not just ask Dad and see if He’s in it? I’ve not seen enough decisions made this way. But if we got better at going back to God instead of charging on alone, don’t you think the world would be a better place? Couldn’t this be the clearest signpost to transformation?” Smith asks.

Smith reflects on everything from the craft of leading worship to the challenges of parenthood to finding a place of compassion within a culture of consumerism. Along the way, he challenges readers, “Are you going to be spectators or agents of change? Are you going to read history or make it happen? Are you just going to sing the songs or will you live them out?” Always personal and often surprising, Smith’s story will spur readers to embrace the action God wants them to take.

About the Author: Martin Smith is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter from England. He was the front man for the Christian rock and worship band Delirious? for seventeen years. Delirious? released numerous records, with some of their songs hitting the top twenty UK charts. In their career, Delirious? played many major conferences, festivals, events, and crusades. They won numerous Dove Awards, were nominated for a Grammy Award, and produced songs such as “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” and “Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?” Smith collaborated with the other members of Delirious? for the book I Could Sing of Your Love Forever and with other artists to complete The Art of Compassion book and the CompassionArt CD and DVD.

Delirious: My Life, Mission, and Reflections on the Global Worship Movement by Martin Smith with Craig Borlase David C Cook/February 2011/ISBN:9781434702371/ 240 pages/softcover/$14.99 ~

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I loved learning that he's pentecostal! :) Glad you enjoyed the book, too.