Friday, April 22, 2011

Fashioned by Faith by Rachel Lee Carter

Fashioned by Faith by Rachel Lee Carter is targeted to tween-teen girls who want to be modest in their dress and still be fashionable. Rachel Lee Carter is a model with a resume that spans a couple decades. She shares how she's been able to take a stand for her beliefs (sometimes her stories are heartbreakingly courageous) and is a fine example of a Christian woman making an effort to remain unchanged in a secular workplace.

This book also addresses modesty in a fresh way. Rachel gives girls shopping hints and tips that will ensure that what they wear won't attract the wrong kind of attention from men. Each chapter has a He Says, She Says and HE says section. The He Says is what young men thing, the She Says are Rachels thoughts and the HE Says is what the Bible says about each topic.

Beautifully and honestly written, this is one book that I can't wait to share with my teen daughter. It even has a 45 day Bible study in the back of it. What an excellent tool this is!

Included are several full color pages of pictures of Rachel on various photo shoots. She is careful to mention that there are many aspects that go into what makes the perfect picture and the hours that it takes to capture the right shot.

Can you look great and still honor God?

International model Rachel Lee Carter chares her story of being modest in an often-immodest industry. Sure, we live in a skin-is-in society, but what do guys really think when girls follow those revealing trends? More important, what does God think?

Rachel has traveled all over the world and has worked for clients including CoverGirl, Tommy Hilfiger, Reebok, and many more. She touches on experiences that affect people in the fashion industry and issues that affect girls everyday--weight problems, eating disorders, acne, self esteem, modesty and more.

Rachel brings her experience from the fashion world to offer creative and practical suggestions that combine modesty and a great look.

You'll find out how to keep up with the latest trends while discovering what real beauty is.

This book was provided for review by BookSneeze and is available from Thomas Nelson Publishers.

To learn more about Rachel please visit her website.

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