Monday, May 16, 2011

Pitch Black by Melody Carlson

The TRUE COLORS series by Melody Carlson is a set of ten novels written for teenagers. Each one deals with a different subject that hits home with kids today. Pitch Black is the fourth in the series and it introduces us to Morgan, a teen who lives in a single parent home. Morgan's mom takes a spur-of-the-moment trip to Vegas where she intends to marry her half-her-age boyfriend. Leaving Morgan home alone for several days. During this time Morgan's lifelong friend, Jason, commits suicide. This act sends Morgan and several classmates into despair and they decide to have a suicide pact, they'll kill themselves together after Jason's memorial service. After all, if Jason, a kid who had it all, can't get through life then why should they?

Melody Carlson grabs your attention from the first page of this 193 page book and doesn't let it go until the end. There is a link in the back for anyone considering suicide. This is a gripping novel that was so real and heartbreaking that I had to put it down several times and clear my head for a while.

If you have a teen who is dealing with depression or having suicidal thoughts you may want to read this before giving it to them. It explains in detail how Jason did what he did, which may not be something that a desperate kid should read.

I applaud Melody for tackling this tough subject and NavPress for printing it. Thanks, Melody, for this CLEAN READ.

Thanks, NavPress, for providing this book to review.

You can purchase this book here.

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