Monday, May 9, 2011

She Makes it Look Easy by Marybeth Whalen

She Makes it Look Easy is the second novel by Marybeth Whalen and while I enjoyed her first one, this one blew me away. The characters in this book were so real to me that it kept my attention for most of the day and I finished it within hours. This is not a light, fluffy story. It's got so many levels to it that it will most likely stay with me for a long time. While at first I thought it was a story of two women who become quick friends right after meeting each other and how they both think that the other has the perfect life (lesson: quit comparing yourself to others, no one is perfect!), it became so much more.

Ariel Baxter has finally made it. She's moved into a neighborhood that she feels proud to call home and the woman on the other side of her fence seems to be the perfect new friend. Justine misses her friend that moved out of the house Ariel now lives in, but finds Ariel to be just what she needs. Both seem (to the other) to have the perfect life, but nothing is ever as it seems. Rumors circulate around town and before long both are being shaken and life will never be the same for either one again.

This book will be released by David C. Cook in June 2011

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