Monday, March 26, 2012

Letters to Heaven GIVEAWAY

A few weeks ago I reviewed Letters to Heaven by Calvin Miller. I was thrilled when the publisher offered me a giveaway for you, my readers. This giveaway includes a copy of the Letters to Heaven book and also some artfully crafted "Letters to Heaven" stationery, courtesy of Worthy Publishers.

Created specifically for Calvin and this incredible book, the Letters to Heaven stationery offers individuals a beautiful template to start their words of healing.

These few pages may start you on a path where you begin to let the people who've influenced your life know how you feel about them. What if we all lived that way? What if we all showed each other how grateful we are for them? It could change the world.

To be entered into this giveaway please leave a comment telling me who has had the biggest influence in your life and why. Bonus entry if you tweet or share on Facebook (let me know what you do!)

Contest runs until Sunday the first of April.

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Cafe Lily Book Reviews said...

I can't name ONE specific person because those who have had the biggest influence on my life have been several different people who have come into my life at different times and seasons, all leaving various footprints and lessons for me to learn from.