Monday, March 26, 2012

The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck

When I'm packing for vacation I always hope I've chosen the right books to take with me. There's nothing worse for a reader than to be miles away from their personal library with only a few select books to choose from. For our trip south last week I packed The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck and I've got to say that this was the best possible book I could've taken with me. With characters that made me laugh and cry, a romance that melted my heart, and a travel through part of America's past this was truly an enjoyable read. I haven't felt this satisfied after finishing a book in a long time. I sat on the sun-filled deck and wiped my eyes while sighing in contentment at the ending. Kudo's to Rachel for another fantastic story.

Charlotte is a single woman without any family, she owns a bridal boutique and prides herself in being able to find the perfect dress for any bride but has been unable to find her own gown for her wedding that's less than two months away. Charlotte attends an auction and finds herself bidding a crazy amount for an antique trunk, she wins the auction and takes the trunk home but is unable to open it because it's been welded shut. When she finally gets it open she finds a wedding dress that appears to be brand new but she eventually learns that it was worn by three women and their stories intertwine with her own until she finds that she really isn't without a family heritage to call her own.

Don't miss this one! It's delightful!
This book was provided for review by Booksneeze.

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