Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Center of Gravity by Laura McNeill

 Thomas Nelson has done it again. 
This is a publishing house that I learned to trust over the years to provide clean Christian fiction. It was what they were known for. I'd find their logo on a book and know that I would not find the story littered with curse words, sexual scenes, etc.
And then there came the day that it changed. Their excuse?
"On the back cover it's labeled as fiction, not Christian fiction."
Excuse me for not noticing.
And here we have Center of Gravity by Laura McNeill. The mild obscenities and sexual references aside (truly, I do not want to read about the husband's mouth and the wife's breast. I don't. At all.) I found what I did read of this book before abandoning it to the trash bin to be a bit confusing. The story is told from the POV of several characters, one being an eleven year old whose part did not read of that of a child of such an age. I had a hard time picturing this kid (Jack) as being eleven and not twenty or so. 
This book was not for me. Not one little bit.

This book was provided for review by BookLook


Mrs. C said...

Wow!! Will you continue with them, and/or contact the company?

Mrs. C said...

I've noticed that since 50 Shades, there is a thirst, even among Christians (should be in quotes) for this in literature. And there are authors who walk the middle of the road spiritually and comply. Really makes me wonder......

Suzanne said...

I'm free to choose what I want from their BookLook site, I chose this book because it looked interesting. I'd not heard of the author before. I think from now on I will stick with authors that I know when I'm on their site. Some of my favorite authors are published by them. It's sad. Thomas Nelson is probably rolling over in his grave.