Saturday, October 10, 2015

Food 52: BAKING

 This book is not only stunning to look at but the recipes are simple and the twists on some of them are delightful. There are several sections all devoted to my first love in the kitchen--baking. Sixty recipes for breakfast goods, cookies & bars, fruit desserts, custardy cakes & puddings, everyday cakes, special occasion cakes, and savory baked goods. I don't even know where to begin!
The double-layer coconut pecan bars marry ingredients that are favorites in my own marriage. The baked rice pudding with coconut milk and honey reminds me of what I might find at an Indian restaurant. The spiced parsnip cake interests me because, parsnips. The savory galette with greens and gruyere just looks like a plate full of goodness. These are only a few of the recipes you'll find inside Baking by Food52. The best part is that every recipe has a picture. 
Double layer coconut pecan bars

Baked rice pudding with coconut milk and honey

Spiced parsnip cake

Savory galette with greens and gruyere
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