Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Lemonade Stand Cookbook by Kathy Strahs

 Look at this darling book! The Lemonade Stand Cookbook by Kathy Strahs has every detail you need for a successful lemonade stand for your kids. It's so much more than a cookbook. Lemonade stands can be for charity, personal use, or just as a way to relieve the summer boredom. What a great way to show kids how to make money and be responsible while getting the parents involved alongside them. This even has pricing suggestions for the drinks and snacks. 
Inside you'll find recipes for not only regular lemonade but a bunch of other fun drinks as well. You'll even learn how to make fancy straws for your drinks. If it's cold and your kids want to set up they'll find a yummy hot cocoa recipe. This book really does have it all. 
Brownies, mini muffins, banana bread, and even instructions on how to zest a lime for a special drink. This is good for kids of any skill level (though some may need adult supervision). This is available from Burnt Cheese Press.

Kathy Strahs is the award-winning author of The 8x8 Cookbook and The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook, the voice behind the blogs and , and the founder of Burnt Cheese Press. Her work has been featured on , , and in numerous national publications. She lives with her husband and their two children in the Silicon Valley. 

This book provided for review by PR By the Book

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